Sakura Softworks

When Colin Porter receives an internship with Japan-based Sakura Softworks right out of college, it seems like a dream come true; a dream that becomes a nightmare when Colin wakes one morning to find the city of Nagoya deserted and strange creatures hiding in the shadows.

While exploring one day, he meets a young Japanese girl named Mika with more than a little to hide. With no one else around, they form a friendship, leading the both of them on an adventure through, over, and under the remnants of society. That is, until Colin disappears and it is up to Mika, his brother, Jesse, and his college study buddy, Adrienne, to find him, rescue him, and find a way back home. However, Colin’s kidnapper, Sakuma, has other plans and is not about to let him go without a fight. Holed up in one of the most prominent structures in the city, the Nagoya Television Tower, Sakuma plans to use Colin to create a new world order with himself at the head and is willing to use anyone or anything he can to make those plans a reality.

Sakura Softworks is a fast-paced, action-packed journey across the Land of the Rising Sun that will make you laugh, quicken your pulse, and maybe even make you go "ew" a time or two.

Coming soon