I am a six year old girl inside.

I am convinced that I have a little six year old girl inside of my mind somewhere. She makes her appearances with alarming frequency, and when I generally would rather her not out in the open. She weeps, gets choked up at movies about family, love and friendship, and is just an emotional little softie. Watch the following clip (although seeing it on youtube is nothing compared to in person) and if you cry like an infant then maybe you have a little girl inside your head somewhere as I seem to have. I wept like a little baby girl at this part of the show

As a manly, testosterone-filled, heterosexual male there really isn't any reason that song clip should affect me at all. It is powerful in a musical sense, but as a burly man I should not have a connection with that clip really. My proof of little-girldom isn't based solely on Frozen either, because that's just silly. It's based on Tangled too. The romantic song where they are floating in the boat with all the damn paper lanterns.... crap here come the waterworks. Son of a... It's just more proof that  in a former life I was a little girl in pigtails.

This is my kryptonite.7


Wait. There's more.

I love female singers. Oh and before you say it, I'm not talking about the sultry, sexy ones either (at least not only them). I am talking about the ones who in general, only girls like. We're looking at Lenka, Paramore, Miley Cyrus (...shut up), Ellie Goulding, and Selena Gomez. I'll even throw in a Colbie Caillat and Demi Lovato to prove my point. That point being, I enjoy music that is tailor made for girls. Possibly because I am one. I am one inside at least. Definitely not outside. My belly and distinct lack of female traits would attest to that.

I still enjoy working on cars, rocking out to the Foo Fighters, and building stuff from chunks of metal and wood. So I am a man. A man who just happens to love girl songs, girl movies, and girl singers... and cooking. I love cooking too. :|