David's Trial Run

Author's note: This is a short piece that comes from the world of my work-in-progress, The Fame Machine. I haven't decided if it will make it into the final book, but I wanted to get a better feel for the character of David, who is an integral character in the book, and at the same time give the reader a better feel for the tone I am striving for. It's a little dark, a little silly, and I hope you enjoy it.

“I hear her heart beating, loud as thunder,” David purrs in a seductive English accent as he shoves the tip of the knife into her chest. The blade sliding in between her ribs, puncturing her left lung and driving deep into her heart. He maintains pressure on the knife to ensure a swift kill.

Her eyes wide, she gasps for air, attempts to scream, but no sound comes out. “Oh baby just you shut your mouth,” he coos as her body relaxes and the light leaves her eyes. He pulls the weapon from her chest, and lays it on the pillow next to her porcelain face. He washes his hands, runs his fingers through his blonde locks and then exits the room.

A man passes by. David quickens his pace toward the end of the hallway. The man’s shouts indicate he has discovered his wife’s body. David enters the elevator and presses the button. He straightens his suit coat as the doors open and he walks toward the gold doors of the exit. Police radio chatter punctuates the air, security guards scramble, and David slips through the commotion.

David enters a waiting taxi which takes him to State Street. He heads toward the back of the building and enters an office with a heavy steel door.

“You’re a goddamn idiot! Have you any idea what you’ve done? You-”

David enters the room and closes the door behind him.

“Oh look! There’s your golden boy now! Heyyyy David! Did you enjoy that? Was that fun for you?”

David’s half-grin still present. “Hello, Dr. Ellison. No, not particularly. Did I do something wrong?”

“Leave him alone!” a balding, chubby, bespectacled man yells. “He was just doing what we told him to do!”

David’s expression goes blank as he takes a seat in a steel reclining chair.

“What we told him to do? Gordon! Your psychopath killed an innocent woman!”

“David is not a psychopath! He was able to get in, perform his task, and escape without even so much as a single person questioning him. That’s a rousing success!” Gordon replies, clicking on his tablet.

“He may not be a psychopath, but someone in this room is!” Dr. Ellison says as he swipes the cordless phone from the wall and begins to dial.

“Put the phone down, Doctor,” demands Gordon.

Dr. Ellison’s fingers tremble as he punches the numbers.

“David. New target: Adam Ellison. Time frame: immediate. Program name-”

“No, Gordon! Don’t!” Dr. Ellison shouts. “David! Cancel all directives.”

David rises from his perch on the steel chair.

Gordon continues, “Program name: Spiders from Mars.”

“David! Cancel all directives! Why isn’t he responding to my commands?”

Within seconds, David is on the floor with Dr. Ellison’s head lodged in the crook of his arm. David’s other hand is palming the doctor’s head like a basketball. The tips of his fingers clamped tightly to his head, Dr. Ellison screams as David’s fingers grow and extend, digging into first the flesh, then into the cranial muscles; pulverizing the underlying bone and lacerating the brain before David takes his second life of the evening.

March 14th, 2015. 11:35PM

First field run successful.

Infiltration, assignment completion, and exfiltration accomplished.

Note: BowieBot may need slight recalibration before next trial run.