The Work in Progress (WIP) Blog Tour


Debi V. Smith tagged me in the Work in Progress Blog Tour that's making the rounds on Twitter, and I was excited and honored for her to think of me as one that could contribute. After all, she's the drill instructor to my Forrest Gump, but she's also the cheerleader to my quarterback. She is an amazing author who is miles ahead of me in skill and yet still finds time to taser a beginning writer such as myself (and giggle about it). That's a true friend. I am honored and privileged to know her. She has two blogs and multiple WIPs because of course she does. So meander on over here and here and see what she has to say. 

The rules are simple: Link back to the person who nominated you. Share a little bit about your WIP then the first sentence from the first three chapters. Nominate four writers to do the same.

I started writing Sakura Softworks after a frustrating left turn in my career path left me devastated. It became my outlet for all of the anger and frustration at the situation in which I found myself. As a result, the original draft of this work was much darker, much more sinister, and much more grotesque.

What I found was that the more I wrote, the more I stopped letting the bitterness of betrayal and hate rule me, and the story took on a life of it's own. The story took on a different tone, a different feel. As my good friend and longtime supporter Rena would say, it became more me

The story of Colin centers around him and his internship with a software company in the Land of the Rising Sun. After graduating from college, he leaves his friends and his family to embark on his new life, only to find one day that he is one of only a few people left in what was once a city of millions. His story of finding help, finding a way home, and finding out what happened is the central core of the story. 

So let's get on with the opening sentences shall we?


Chapter One

“KUE! KUE! KUE! ASA GOHAN! ITADAKIMASU!” the yellow beaked bird squawked for 17 seconds before a sleepy hand punched it silent.

Chapter Two

Colin was good at Japanese, but he was by no means fluent.

Chapter Three

“You can’t leave me here man.”


I am now going to tag four writers who I feel have some pretty amazing talent and are just flat out awesome people. I will list them here in the order in which I want to because this is my blog. That just happened.

Olivia Foust: She's a firecracker of a writer and she talks trash like she was raised in a barn. (Maybe she was. No judgement.) You might find us every now and again doing #OLIDOUG word sprints together on Twitter, challenging each other to crank out those words fast and furious. Join in if you like, but Foust is a strong competitor, so watch your step! She's a great writer and a great little momma.

Emily Russell: The title of her blog alone is enough to recommend her, but she has so much more than that! She takes to task so many of the norms of writerdom on her blog and slaps them silly while laughing in a way only a fantasy writer full of vinegar can do. Oh and she's got a book dropping in November. Do you? Yeah. Thought not.

Sarah Anne Droid: No, I have no idea if that is her real name. Yes, I think it's amazing if it is. But that's because she's amazing all around. Why do I say that? Because in addition to her being a writer of books (She's finally going to tell you all about her WIP, I'm so excited!) she writes and performs very cool and original music with her husband. She's eventually going to achieve world peace too, just because... meh why not?

Shay Ray Stevens: You need to know Shay Ray. She's sweet, fun, and takes her writing very seriously. Okay maybe saying she takes her writing "seriously" is misleading. She takes the business side of her writing seriously but her books are downright fun. She is very personable and is one of the few writers on Twitter that engages in conversation on there. She sells her books by being herself, not by begging. There's something to be said for that! Oh and her next book drops on October. You just wish yours was. 

There you have it. You've been tagged, now it is your turn!