I'm procrastiwriting. Hi November!

I don't know if this is a new word but I just made it up in my head, so in my eyes it's a new word. 

PROCRASTIWRITING - When you write things other than the thing you should be writing. Often using the excuse that you are writing other things so it feels like you're writing when in reality, you're just procrastiwriting

I'm procrastiwriting right now. I'm working on my blog because oh my... look at that. It's been over a month since I posted something. It would be bad if I didn't write something on the blog soon. I mean blogging is important for a writer and it definitely qualifies as writing! Never mind the fact that I should be working on my book. Never mind the fact that the self-imposed deadline (Oct 31st in my case) came and went and it's still not done. (It's not that I didn't try. I did. I stayed up late and woke up early to finish Sakura Softworks. The damn thing kept expanding. I had to entirely delete and then restructure an entire chapter as well as... ahem.)

Procrastiwriting can be writing blog posts, it can be writing reviews, it can be writing copy for your own author-able (BOOM made another word. It's pronounced like adorable. Yes, you can use it.) website, it can even be editing the same work you are supposed to be working on. It's all procrastiwriting and it's all keeping you from the euphoria and sense of achievement that is finishing that damned book. 

How many times have you been guilty of procrastiwriting?

I can think of dozens of times myself. I've justified working on a blog post instead of Sakura Softworks (Hi! Hello. That's me being meta.) and then grumbled about needing to finish the book. I've worked on a work project instead of Sakura Softworks when the deadline for the project is far off into the future. I've spent hours reading back through my works in progress and nitpicking when what I should really be doing is tying up loose ends on the one that is nearly complete.

Because in my brain, and likely yours if you're guilty of procrastiwriting, those are good things. Those are things that need to get done! Those are important things that drive readers to your writings, those are things that improve your book and your craft, and those are things that... well those are things that also keep you from finishing and birthing that book that you've brought to life.  

Why do I do that? I have a few ideas. 

Writing new material is hard. Ok, let me rephrase. Writing new material is hard for me. It means reaching into my brain and groping for the words that sometimes sit in the corners of my cranium, chuckling at me, and flipping me the bird. Straining to find the right phrasing or the right way to structure a scene is hard work. Writing stream-of-thought blog posts is simple by comparison. I can blog all day long. 

Editing is a blast compared to writing for me. I figure it is because I already have the basics already laid out, I'm just there to fix them or enhance them in some way. I like to see it as being a doctor for the manuscript. A doctor can try to diagnose problems and then apply appropriate treatments or solutions to see if they work.  That's editing. That's easy.

What's hard is creating characters that people can relate to, that people can identify with and love as if they were real. Hard is also creating a fictional environment where things make sense. If they don't make sense the readers will call you on it. You can write what you want, you're the creator of that world, but the reader has the right to call BS. Hard is allowing a story to take shape and adjusting accordingly as it heads in a direction you hadn't planned.  

What I'm saying is that I procrastiwrite because writing is difficult. It's unpredictable and unwieldy at times. Through the process of writing my own book I have come to find a new respect for those who have done so before me. It's different for each of us but overall I see now that it is a long, difficult, and emotional process. Someday soon I will know the feeling of completing the journey. 

Enough procrastiwriting for one day. It's time I finish what I started.