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There once was a man who had a vision for his dream house. He thought about and planned it for quite some time.  Over the course of a year or more he built the house piece by piece and brick by brick. Every room was mapped out and created for a very specific purpose; every wall was there for a reason. He enlisted the help of friends from time to time, but in the end, the house was a beautiful house he could claim he built with his own two hands. 

Before he could live in the house though, he hired a building inspector to make sure it was up to code and to see if there was anything he missed in the initial build. The Inspector looked at the house from the outside and commented on how impressive the house was and ventured inside.

"The entryway is gorgeous, my friend. You're saying you built this all yourself?" the Inspector asked as he ran his hand along the beautiful finished wood banister.
The Builder grinned and filled up with pride as he responded, "Yes sir! This is all me. I've put my blood, sweat, and tears into this house."

The two of them wandered into the kitchen, the Inspector taking notes along the way. The Inspector moved to turn on the kitchen light and found only flat wall. He looked around the room, finding no switches at all. He turned to the builder. "Did you mean to leave this room without electricity?"

The Builder scowled and replied, "Of course not, don't be ridic—" The Builder scanned the room and realized what the Inspector was saying. "I don't know what happened . . . I thought I put switches in here." 

When you write your novel, you have a grand vision of what you want to do. You have the plan. You are the one to make the characters and story come to life. It's your big beautiful house. However, sometimes when you build such a large project, there are things that can be missed. Light switches may be missing (the reader doesn't get the details they need to know), or someone may have installed a toilet in the middle of the living room (superfluous plot points or characters that add nothing), or you may have one of the most common problems: a cockroach infestation (an addiction to overuse of adverbs and adjectives.)

Whatever your house needs, whatever your manuscript needs, that is why I am here. I am not here to build your house for you, nor do I want to destroy all of the hard work you've done. That's the last thing I want to do. All I want to do is help you build your house to be the best it can be. 

Whether you are looking to polish up a manuscript before you pitch it to agents and publishers for traditional publication or looking for someone to work out the kinks in your novel before you publish it yourself via Kindle, I can help. I offer comprehensive editing services,  basic proofreading, and beta reading at affordable rates.

Generally, when assessing an editing job, I will perform a sample edit of the work so we can assess what is needed and whether we feel like I would be the best fit for that specific job or not. If we seem like a good match, then we can proceed.

I will always do my best to fit your individual budget and you will know what the fee will be before any full scale edits are done. I also am flexible for repayment. We can set up a single payment or break it up into multiple payments. There are no hidden or surprise fees. As a matter of fact, I offer a satisfaction guarantee that if you are not happy with my work, then my fee is fully refundable.

I perform all edits in accordance to the Chicago Manual of Style (17th Edition) as a style guide and use the Mirriam-Webster online dictionary for reference in all spelling or hyphenation questions that may arise. 

Services currently Offered

  • Beta reading - (Starting at $75 for short stories, up to $200 for longer novels) This is a service that may be a good option if you think you've nearly nailed most everything down and just want to get another set of eyes on it in order to make sure everything is in place and functioning like it should. I will provide commentary on overall structure, cohesiveness, plausibility, and character arcs, among other things. I will read your draft from front to back and suggest things that should be improved or changed and things that seem to be mucking up the flow of your draft.

  • Copy/Line Editing - $.015 per word  (65,000 word manuscript = $975) This is a service that may be a good option if you have a strong story and characters but are unsure of punctuation, word usage, homophones, syntax, awkward or inappropriate phrasing and other minor grammatical issues within your manuscript. This is a place where many self-published authors take a hit. Some readers will forgive a flat character arc or a story that stretches the limits of believability, but heaven forbid you mix up your/you're or to/too. This service takes care of those little mistakes that plague nearly every manuscript so that the reader can concentrate on what you want them to: your story and characters.

  • Developmental Editing - $.025 per word (65,000 word manuscript = $1625) This is a service in which I really get my hands dirty and jump into the fray with you to improve things such as character development, plot inconsistencies, curtail unnecessarily ornate phrases or descriptions, pinpoint repetitive word usage and suggest alternatives, and ensure the timeline is plausible and clear. I also will point out things that are unclear to the reader, dialogue that sounds off, or changes in tone that readers may find jarring or disruptive to the flow of your story. At this level I am going to get in the trenches with you and elevate your manuscript in every way I can including light Copy/Line editing (largely because my eye starts twitching if I don't). This option includes detailed notes on why an edit is recommended, and whenever possible I will cite the rule or guide that applies. I also provide a Style Workbook for each manuscript which you will receive upon the completion of all edits. Your manuscript will receive multiple passes, ensuring the most effective and comprehensive edits I can provide. 

Do any of these services guarantee your book will be a best seller? No.  
Does acquiring my services guarantee you'll get an agent, contract, or book deal? Afraid not.
All I promise is that your book will be better than it was before, and I will be at your service throughout the entire process. I am here to help your writing be the best it can be. Once again, if you are not satisfied with the service I render, I will give you your money back. That guarantee I can offer.


My first experience with an editor was far from pleasant in that the previous editor continuously made vague comments and would not clarify for me. One of the things I firmly believe about the editing process is that it should be a learning experience. You can’t learn from vague comments. It was a long, thought-out decision whether or not to ask Douglas B. Wimmer to edit The Downward Spiral for me. Ultimately, it came down to, who do I trust most with my manuscript? A total stranger or Douglas?

Throughout the process, he was professional, detailed, and willing to answer any questions I might have had. Because he was so detailed and clear in his comments, there was no need for questions and I was able to avoid the weeks of additional work I experienced with my first novel. Without a doubt, I will be employing him again for my next manuscript.

- Debi V. Smith - Author of The Downward Spiral and Family Ties.


"Have you ever asked a friend to edit/or for help with your novel? Where you were certain there was something off but couldn't put your finger on it, and you knew your grammar wasn't perfect, but then they hand it back to you and say, 'That was great!'

...But it doesn't seem sincere, and now you question your friendship? Do they always lie to your face? Why won't they be honest with me? Is it so bad they are afraid to hurt my feelings? How bad *IS IT*?!

Well fear not, because Douglas B. Wimmer is here to save the day! With a warm attitude that reminds you of your closest friends, a hawk-eye for grammar (and obnoxious homophones that spell check won't notice - I'm looking at you clamor/clamber), he will question your plot and scenes and make you wonder why something is there. Is it necessary? He will tell you the truth but wrap it with hilarious examples that make you laugh at why you thought to write something in the first place. You know right off the bat that he is, in fact, here to help you. He wants you to do better and write better. He will give examples for better clarity and if he finds you open enough, he'll make little digs at your writing, the way only a best friend would. He is honest and knows what he's doing. Wimmer is someone who is capable of making editing - something I abhore - seem *fun*."

            - L.B. Scott - Author of The Christmas List and the upcoming children's fantasy novel, Release the Stars.


"I'm very lucky to have come across Douglas Wimmer and his great editing skills. His attention to detail is beyond par, and his professional work ethic means that I never feel uncomfortable sharing my work. He puts thought into his comments, provides insightful ideas, and as always, my writing is better for it after. I'll be using his services again."

- Lana Pecherczyk - Author of Hunting for Witches and the Robin Lockslay series, cofounder of Creative Cartel Publishing, professional book cover designer and  @RWAus Vice President.


"Mr. Wimmer has consistently exceeded my expectations with his editing abilities. He has an accurate, efficient style that frequently causes me to see my own writing more clearly and to wonder why I didn't make his suggested changes on the first draft! I feel as if he's put the finishing touches on my manuscripts that really make them shine."

-K.Kibbee, Author of The Misadventures of Dewey the Daring, Whole in the Clouds, and the recently published Forests of the Fae series.


If you're interested in inquiring about my services, please contact me through this form or via Twitter or Facebook. I look forward to helping you make your story the best it can be.

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