About the author

I have been writing extensively for only a few years, however my passion for the written word extends far back to my childhood, when I was stopped by a group of teenagers on my way to elementary school.

I was carrying the hardback of the Stephen King novel, IT in the crook of my arm because it was too enormous to put in my backpack with the rest of my things. If you've never read IT, it is a tome of nearly 1,200 pages in hardback form. For my slight frame it was particularly heavy at 4 pounds. 

 Here IT is. This is IT. 

Here IT is. This is IT. 

These teens were probably not a whole lot older than I was, maybe 2 or 3 years at the most, but to my adolescent mind that was enough so that I didn't object much when one of them asked me what I had in my hand. In a twist on the old "who's on first" routine, I answered that the book was "IT".

It was doubtful that he knew of the book, which is why he grabbed it from me to see if I was messing with him. He looked at it, opened the pages, glanced over the chapters, and the author before he looked up from the pages and said, "That's it? Freakin' IT by Stephen freakin' King?" (He pronounced the first name "Steffan")

I said "yep" and waited for him to give it back to me. I don't recall any feelings of fear or being scared of them for whatever reason, but there was some kind of emotional reaction within me since I still remember the incident from nearly thirty years ago.

In any case, he gave me back my comically over-sized book and I went on my way.

I did actually finish that book, and oddly enough it didn't give me nightmares, only more desire for good books that would cause me to feel fear, cause me to laugh, and feel sadness all within the power of their pages. That seed has caused me to delve into writing with that particular goal. To move people (myself included).

Why my parents allowed a 5th grader to read horror novelist Stephen King's opus about a psychopathic clown is a whole different topic.

Douglas graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelors in Japanese Language and Culture and currently lives in Chandler, Arizona.